Certification Benefits

Why became certified?
ESCD Certification is important to • You • Your Colleagues • Your Patients 1. ESCD members all have an interest in providing excellent cosmetic services and spend time and money on postgraduate education and training. Gaining Certification is our personal confirmation of recognition by our peers that we have succeeded in achieving a high level of skill and are respected for our professional endeavours. 2. Our colleagues recognise that we have developed certain skills and abilities which allow us to confidently approach and treat a wide range of cosmetic problems. For this reason colleagues may feel it appropriate to refer cosmetic cases to us which they are unsure about treating themselves. 3. Our patients can have the knowledge that we have followed correct treatment protocols and have been assessed by examiners from a respected cosmetic dental society. Patients may be more likely to choose treatment from a dentist who can demonstrate this kind of experience. In addition to this the Certification process helps develop our skill and understanding as we carefully record and assess every aspect of our treatment. It gives us a new interest in our work and helps our clinical and professional development.